Making manifests in the tangible, the “known” constructing theories of reality, communicating this life experience through kitsch and monument.

Making is an investigation into existence, perpetuating the mystery of the “unknown” communicating the infinite through the finite.

Making becomes faith in action, wrestling with the subjectivity that informs both doubt and belief.

Each piece is developed from the theological study of Christ, expressing a union of spirit and humanity at work in the world. Making  through this lens I attempt to express an eternal plane through the humble, electric, whimsical artifact of “now”.

 Naming and expressing faith in the act of making is an important factor in the development of fresh dialog that investigates the subject of belief, based on practice and research. This methodology provides the basis for the development of faith-related expressions within the sociological framework of “material culture”. Biblical symbolism, personal mythos, and the phenomenon of transcendence through visual psychedelia are utilized to produce narrative. The work serves as catalyst to further reflect upon topics of belief, and wonder as intellectual and spiritual intersections within community.