Made New Arts Foster Youth Program

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Made New Arts is the title to a range of year round art classes that I am currently organizing. For the first installment of classes I am teaming up  Partnership for Strong Families  a community based care agency for family support, foster care, and adoption services in Alachua and twelve surrounding counties and Ignite Refuge Housea residential home attached to the Ignite Church campus. The kids at Ignite Refuge are provided  shelter, food, activities and support as they wait to be united with their families, or put into foster care. The focus of these classes is  to help empower foster kids through community support and the creative arts as they are given the opportunity to connect with each other, and other professional local artists. The completion of this program installment will end June 9th, 2016 with a gallery showing of the children’s artworks and a collaborative mural at Gallery Protocol. This exhibition will be in collaboration with Partnership for Strong Families and used to potentially place the participating children with families. The funds will go 100% to the program and the children who participate and will be a used as a tool to strengthen and support children who are waiting to be adopted, or aging out of the foster system.  After June 9th, I will continue my work with Partnership for Strong Families and Ignite Refuge house for the next phase of classes as I work to extend the program to juvenile correction facilities, orphanages and community centers in Central Florida.

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