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Eternal New

May is here! Officially counting down until The Endless One show on Friday May 24th at Paradigm Gallery. I am excited but…wow…I have a lot of work ahead of me. Building these pieces has been such a challenge. I have been experimenting with making things more 3 dimensional and it has been interesting to see how each layer enters into the surrounding space it inhabits. Here is a picture of the finished face plate for the new piece Eternal New.

Hillary White, Art, Eternal, Galaxy, Philadelphia Art


Dwarf Star Cyclone

Dwarf Star, Cyclone, Hillary White, Sculpture, The Endless One,

Trying to figure out a way to light this how I’ve been envisioning it. Almost there…This is the center of the new piece. I’m thinking sunset cyclone forming around the birth of a dwarf star…

Birds Eye View

I have resorted to laying out all the layers for this new piece on the floor downstairs to assemble them. My studio has lost most of it’s limited wall space at this point. I’m pretty excited to see it coming together. The rest of the week will be spent painting, assembling the faceplate that goes on the front of the piece and wiring the LED’s inside.

Sculpture, Hillary White, Philadelphia, The Endless One, Birds, Art



Hilary White, Art, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Galaxy, New Heaven and New Earth, Philadelphia art

Making more progress on the third piece for the show coming up. Still have a lot of sanding, and painting to do. I also need to cut a few more layers out for it. With all the time I’ve been down in the shop cutting out tiny piece by tiny piece, it’s so rewarding to see it all come together at last.